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  • S15.FUZION1_30
The Fuzion1-30 is a superb fit for high-mix NPI environments and large board applications, as... mehr
Produktinformationen "FUZION1_30B - SINGLE BEAM FUZION PLATFORM"

The Fuzion1-30 is a superb fit for high-mix NPI environments and large board applications, as well as a high-volume line booster. This single-beam model includes a 30-spindle FZ30 rotary head with dual on-the-head optics. This model is configured as follows: With the following configuration: Base Machine: Fuzion1-30 Machine Power Configuration: 380 - 415 VAC CE Placement Head: FZ30 Head FZ30 WFOV Camera: 2.8 WFOV FZ30 VPS Assembly: VPS YES FZ30 Small part Nozzle Kit: No FZ30 Large Part Nozzle Kit: No FZ30 Top Seller Nozzle Kit: Yes FZ30 Long Life Ceramic Nozzle: No FZ30 Compliant small part: No FZ30 steel nozzle kit: No Nozzle Changers: FZ30 70 Pocket (2) PEC Camera: Firewire PEC BM1 Board Transfer Direction: Left-to-Right Maximum Board Size (W x L): 20" x 20" (508mm x 508mm) Board Support: Manual Board Support w/ Pins 4 to 7 lbs Maximum Board Weigh: No Thin board handling kit: No 2 Inch Board Kit: Yes Edge Clearance: 3mm (0.117") Feeder Bank Type: Fuzion Feeder Banks Feeder Banks: Fixed, Fuzion FL Feeder Banks: Fixed, Fuzion FR Feeder Banks: Fixed, Fuzion RL Feeder Banks: Fixed, Fuzion RR DTF Mounting: DTF No Feeder Baskets: Feeder Baskets, No Setup Validation: Fuzion Umobile Kit ADD'l Umobile Unit: No BCC Hardware and Software: No SIO Kit: No Raid Controller: Yes Software Options: SQL License Scrap Box Assembly: None required Add'l Board Handling Sensors: No Miscellaneous Options: None Labels: Chinese Safety Labels No Labels: Made in USA Labels No Invisible Options: FSBHSC_FEEDER_BANKS Invisible Options: FUZION1_30B_FEEDER_BASKET_LOC

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