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  • S15.6380K
The Radial 88 HT is Universal's newest generation of flexible and modular radial component,... mehr
Produktinformationen "RADIAL 88 HT SEQUENCER INSERTER"

The Radial 88 HT is Universal's newest generation of flexible and modular radial component, sequencing and insertion machines. The Radial 88 HT offers the highest "real" throughput regardless of component type, stellar reliability and flexibility (from 20 to 100 inputs). This module is available in a dual-span, small-triple span or large-triple span configuration. With the following configuration: Radial Base Machine Large Triple Span Insertion Head 5/7.5/10MM Large Triple Clinch Quad / Large Triple N Long Lead Sequencer Modules 1-40 Lg Triple Span Str Back 12.7MM Lrg Triple Disp Hd Qty 40 15MM Lrg Triple Disp Head Qty 0 Blank Dispense Head Qty 0 CE Machine Required CE Machine Required Internal Board Handling Internal Brd Handling Required Internal Board handling System Left To Right White Left Side Accessory (L-R) No Accessory Right Side Accessories (L-R) No Accessory Destacker Wiring No Cabling Accessory Wiring No Cabling Machine covers Pass Through White Internal Brd Handling Covers Protective White CE RL Inserter Kit Yes Expanded Range Verifier Yes Main Display Monitor Standard SVGA Calibration Tooling Kit None required at this time BEC Alignment Template No Software Hardware Options None Make-Up Tray Assembly None Replacement Part Kits No Operators Manual German Machine Accessories None

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