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Universal Instruments Laborservie, PDF-Cover Durch 20 Jahre ständiger Erweiterung der analytischen Ressourcen, mit Unterstützung von Spitzenforschung führender Institutionen, bietet der Laborservice von Universal Instruments die Bandbreite, um die Ursachen für alle Fehler oder Prozeß-Probleme in der Serienproduktion aufzuspüren.

  • Environmental scanning electron microscopy
  • Non-destructive imaging including high resolution x-ray and scanning acoustic microscope
  • Thermal analysis, including Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer, ThermoGravimetric Analyzer, Fourier Transform Infra Red, and Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  • Dimensional characterization, including wafer bump measurement, and precision linear displacement measurement
  • Cross-sectioning, including cross-section polishing and micro hardness testing optical inspection, including high resolution hot stage stereo microscopy
  • Image capture, including professional digital microscope cameras and high-speed photography
  • Extensive materials characterization equipment, including viscometry, electromigration, and wettability testing
  • Accurate, digital mass measurement
  • Temperature profiling and oxygen analysis for accurate process characterization
  • Reliability monitoring, including electrical event detection, and programmable DMM
  • Akrometrix TherMoiré warpage measurement
  • Zeiss Supra 55 VP, analytical ultra-high resolution FESEM + EDAX Pegasus EDS
  • PHI 5000 VersaProbe X-ray photoelectron spectrometer
  • FEI FIB: dual-beam-SEM/FIB
  • JEOL TEM: 200-kV field emission transmission electron microscope 
  • GC/MS - gas chromatograph / mass spectrometer
  • ICP - inductively coupled plasma
  • IC/MS – ion chromatography / mass spectrometer

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