Analysis Laboratory

Analysis Laboratory

The SCCE division supports you with various services in solving complex tasks in electronics manufacturing. We offer optical quality assessment of samples and series products according to common industry standards (IPC A610, J-STD, and others). The assessment is performed either purely visually or automatically using 2D/3D AOI systems. The investigations can be complemented by the use of 2D/2.5D X-ray inspection and/or digital microscopy. Our assistance in process development, evaluation, and qualification of new processes and materials facilitates the use of economical and environmentally friendly RoHS-compliant technologies and auxiliary materials (e.g., solder pastes, solders, and fluxes). ). We also support product launches and optimization of existing processes, especially paste printing and soldering (convection, vapor phase, selective soldering). As a result, suggestions are made for adjusting the process control or revising the stencil or layout. Targeted solder profile qualification ensures reliable solder joints and contributes to minimizing stress on the PCB and components. Additional tests can provide further insights into the solder joints. We support and advise on damage and fault analysis using numerous destructive and non-destructive examination techniques. Here, too, sources of errors are identified, and proposals for corrective measures are developed. An overview of the analysis capabilities can be found here.

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